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πŸ‘‹ Hi I'm Daniel Bennett. My mission is creating the next greatest generation. How? By helping them learn from legends to be 1% better than yesterday.

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Legend Media helps experts & influencers monetize their message with online teaching + more. We'll create an insanely profitable digital product business around your expertise so you stay focused on you.

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Here's how our PRESOLD! Process works ‡︎

1. Ask & presell

Stop guessing & start selling! Your audience tells us their biggest problems & dreams so we know exactly what to include in the course & how much they'll pay.

Then we presell it & the founding members help design it.

2. Curate the curriculum

We curate your existing content – book, videos, posts, podcasts, etc. – into a transformational educational experience for your students.

3. Create & launch the course

Everything to turn lookers into action-takers:

  • Words that sell – copywriting, offers, more
  • Proven sales funnels – sales/landing pages, more
  • Automated emails – welcome, thank you, more

4. Scale up sales

Increase results with ongoing optimization:

  • AI-powered marketing – email, paid ads, more
  • Power Partners – affiliates, influencers & brands
  • Profit optimization – A/B testing, analytics & more
  • New revenue streams
  • Customer support & more

Scale your superpowers into a 7+ figure personal brand Expert Empire πŸ‘‘ like these πŸ‘‡

β€œI'm speechless! My expectations were high but I never imagined results like this.”

Tony B.

Personal Finance Influencer & Expert Empire client

Hi, I'm Daniel Bennett.

My mission is creating the next greatest generation.

I partner with real life legends & study heroes throughout history to inspire & empower the next greatest generation to be 1% better than yesterday.



Weakness either kills you or becomes your superpower. Here's a few of mine.





Legend Group is my portfolio of brands helping real life legends show what they know to inspire & empower the next greatest generation. Want to work together?

The Cadre βš”οΈ

HEROES CREATING HEROES // Email newsletter profiling heroes throughout history + community + online courses

Skill Factory

SKILL UP WITH SKILL FACTORY β˜… Skill up & snag your next dream job. Get the skills, connections & expert advice you need to succeed. Want premium job placement? We do that too. Join free β†’

Real World Writing

MILLION DOLLAR WRITING FOR THE REAL WORLD // Concept: Landing page for an online course with copywriting expert & business influencer Shaan Puri


HARDCORE DAILY DISCIPLINE + MORE // Concept: Daily email newsletter + community + online courses + products for motivational influencer Jocko Willink

Fan Swag πŸ‘‘

BY THE FANS, FOR THE FANS πŸ‘‘ // Best d**n unofficial merch, guaranteed. 10% benefits charity & designers get a shoutout. Shop & submit designs at β†’

Club 8Z

LIVE TO GIVE // We are 8 zero power players secretly giving it away. These are the stories. Read stories β†’

"Daniel got my business from stuck to scalable! I felt overwhelmed and my business was suffering because I was the bottleneck. I do way less speaking and coaching now that I've got online courses. Work less, make more FTW! πŸ™"

Mike S.

Business Consultant

Learn from legends

Get life & business secrets from heroes throughout history

Unlock the Legend Vault to learn secrets from heroes throughout history about the Core 4 – Mind, Marketing, Money, Mission.

Called "the Netflix of mastery" by some and "the encyclopedia of badassery" by others, it's a growing collection of life & business shortcuts, hacks, tips, tricks, advice & trainings from the world-class legends I call my shadow mentors.

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"The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering." – Bruce Lee


Hi, I'm Daniel Bennett – I'm creating the next greatest generation.

I partner with real life legends & study heroes throughout history to inspire & empower the next greatest generation.


As a creator, entrepreneur and recovering perfectionist, I've battled fear every day of my life – fear of failure, fear of not being enough, fear of missing my life's purpose – and felt lost. I kept losing that battle until clarity – and almost dying – saved my life.

Today, my personal mission is helping others be 1% better than yesterday.

How will I help you?



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Be 1% better than yesterday

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