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πŸ‘‹ Hi I'm Daniel Bennett & I'm creating the next greatest generation by helping influencers & experts maximize & monetize their message to create impact that lives forever.

Profit Pillars: 13 ways to turn message πŸ“’ into moneyπŸ’° 

The 13 Profit Pillars of Legend Media's Expert Empire Framework πŸ‘‘ helps experts & influencers maximize & monetize their message with online teaching + more

Do what you do best, we'll do the rest

Legend Media helps influencers & experts turn message πŸ“’ into money πŸ’°

Effortlessly Teach Your Expertise Online

Start your own online teaching platform without the headaches! You create the content, I'll handle the rest.

Instantly Unlock New Revenue Streams

Design a 7 figure personal brand empire in days not decades. Get the blueprint and get introduced to the perfect partners get it done.

Attract Only Your True Fans

Who is your dream buyer? Clarify your message to attract the best & repel the rest

Own Your Audience With Email

There's no business without buyers! Turn social followers into email subscribers to reach every one, every time, where they already pay attention.

Design A Magnetic Product Portfolio

Some fans will gladly pay for faster results to their biggest problems. Help them by creating products that attract buyers at every price point.

You Work Less & Make More

Keep doing what you do best, we'll do the rest.

Scale your superpowers into a 7+ figure personal brand Expert Empire πŸ‘‘ like these πŸ‘‡

β€œI'm speechless! My expectations were high but I never imagined results like this.”

Tony B.

Personal Finance Influencer & Expert Empire client

Hi, I'm Daniel Bennett.

My mission is creating the next greatest generation.

I'm a creator, connector & entrepreneur passionate about helping real life legends share their expertise. That's why I founded Legend Group.

They call me "Legend Guy" because I LOVE studying heroes & legends throughout history. Why?

  • To level up my own life & business with their legendary lessons
  • To help you achieve true freedom and success by pursuing mastery of the Hero's Core4: Muscle β†’ Mind β†’ Money β†’ Mission
  • To help experts share their legendary lessons to empower the next greatest generation

How will I help you?


Legend Group is my portfolio of brands helping real life legends show what they know to inspire & empower the next greatest generation.

Legend Media β˜…

MONETIZE YOUR MESSAGE // Legend Media's Expert Empire Framework πŸ‘‘ helps experts & influencers maximize & monetize their message with online teaching + more.

The Cadre βš”οΈ

HEROES CREATING HEROES // Email newsletter profiling heroes throughout history + community + online courses


#ALWAYSBESCHEMING // I scheme up ideas, brands, products, movements, stories, books, websites, online courses & communities. Here's some of 'em. Want to work together?

Skill Factory

SKILL UP WITH SKILL FACTORY β˜… Skill up & snag your next dream job. Get the skills, connections & expert advice you need to succeed. Want premium job placement? We do that too. Join free β†’

Real World Writing

MILLION DOLLAR WRITING FOR THE REAL WORLD // Concept: Landing page for an online course with copywriting expert & business influencer Shaan Puri


HARDCORE DAILY DISCIPLINE + MORE // Concept: Daily email newsletter + community + online courses + products for motivational influencer Jocko Willink

Fan Swag πŸ‘‘

BY THE FANS, FOR THE FANS πŸ‘‘ // Best d**n unofficial merch, guaranteed. 10% benefits charity & designers get a shoutout. Shop & submit designs at β†’

Club 8Z

LIVE TO GIVE // We are 8 zero power players secretly giving it away. These are the stories. Read stories β†’

Story System Blueprint by Legend Media

MASTER THE ART OF STORY-SELLING // In under an hour you'll unlock our entire proprietary process to increase trust & maximize profits with your customer success stories

"Everyone from Jesus to Hollywood knows that story is the #1 way to inspire action, but you can't have influence or impact without first grabbing attention. Daniel's work does it all!"

James S.

Business Consultant


My latest musings & more

My 100 Rules For Life

Every hero has a code. This is my personal Hero's Code, inner compass & life philosophy that guides me on the Path. It's a work in progress, just like me. Hopefully it will help guide you on yours.

The Origin: #OWNFEAR & Overcome

Every hero has an origin story. Here's mine. 

The Ordeal: Endure & Prevail

Every Hero's Journey must take him through The Ordeal. Here's my latest one that almost killed me (plus the 2,000 year old mindset hack that saved me).

"The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering." – Bruce Lee


Hi, I'm Daniel Bennett – I'm creating the next greatest generation.

I partner with real life legends & study heroes throughout history to inspire & empower the next greatest generation.


As a creator, entrepreneur and recovering perfectionist, I've battled fear every day of my life – fear of failure, fear of not being enough, fear of missing my life's purpose – and felt lost. I kept losing that battle until clarity – and almost dying – saved my life.

Today, my personal mission is helping others be 1% better than yesterday.

How will I help you?


Unlock The Legend Vault

LEARN FROM LEGENDS // Get my 100+ top tactics to design a life you love in days not decades

Imagine if you knew the secrets to success from the highest performers throughout history. Over the last couple years I've invested 2,624+ hours (plus 40+ years of living and learning) curating the library of mastery around the Core4 of the Hero's Code: muscle β†’ mind β†’ money β†’ mission.

Called "the Netflix of mastery" by some and "the encyclopedia of badassery" by others, it's a growing collection of life & business shortcuts, hacks, tips, tricks, advice & trainings from the world-class legends I call my shadow mentors.

I'm giving you everything that's helped me transform my mind & body to design a life I love. That same transformation is waiting for you inside the vault.


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