I help human transformation influencers harness their superpowers into sellable digital businesses

👋 Hi I'm Daniel Bennett. I'm creating the next greatest generation by helping them learn from legends to be 1% better than yesterday.

"The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering."
– Bruce Lee

I write about what I learn & do👇

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BUILT TO SELL // Helping influencers build & sell booming digital businesses

Want to design a digital business that will truly transform your audience & your bank account? That's what I do best.


Weakness either kills you or becomes your superpower. Here's a few of mine.


  • Clarity

  • Focus

  • Resilience

  • Action

  • Creativity


  • Certified in community-powered digital businesses

  • Sales pages + funnels

  • Copywriting

  • Digital products


  • Partners + affiliates

  • Monetization Strategy

  • Profit optimization

  • Recurring revenue

  • Built to sell businesses



Here's some digital business concepts helping real life legends teach & transform the next greatest generation. Want to collab?

Agency Launch 🚀 

Helping Agencies Go Unlimited To Work Less & Make More // Work less & make more with an unlimited agency. Get the proven blueprint to transform any service agency into a premium membership for lifetime clients, max mailbox money & super sellability. Get started →


Unboring Labs 💥

GET UNBORED 💥 // Build a new mystery project 👀 every week with the craziest 🧠 mad scientists, inventors, makers, coders, explorers, adventurers & creators on the planet 🌎. Join free or go premium for more →


All Pro Academy

TURN PASSION INTO PROFIT // Top creators teach the business of going pro. Discover the art & science of turning craft into cash with the world's best professional creators. Live master classes with quick start Business Blueprints are 100% FREE plus pro community, career coaching, VIP experiences & more. Join now →


Black Belt Mindset

WIN EVERYTHING // Level up your mind, body & skills to win the day. Discover the secrets of elite performance on & off the mat together with master experts, coaches & champions. Join free for life or upgrade any time for training programs, personalized coaching & much more to rise above. Join now →


Beato School

Experience music with the best in the world // Where music comes alive for every music lover – expert lessons, exclusive experiences & backstage access to music legends and today's top pros. Join now →


Medal of Honor Academy

BE THE HERO // Everything to win from within taught by America's greatest legends. Discover the art & science of elite performance from top experts. Unlock the vault of virtual & live learning experiences to create the next greatest generation. Join now →


Spartan Edge

Overcome everything with mental fitness coaching from the best in the world. Discover the art & science of elite performance from top experts. Unlock the vault of virtual & live learning experiences for everything to become unbreakable with Spartan Edge – the leader in mental fitness & performance coaching. Join now →


Team Dog Academy

ELITE DOG TRAINING with Former Navy SEAL & K9 trainer Mike Ritland // Everything to be their hero with 800+ hours of expert video lessons, group & personal coaching, discounts & much more. Try it free →


Fieldcraft Academy

Join the "Netflix of badassery" & unlock the vault of virtual & live learning experiences. Qualify for advanced training & earn specialist badges. Level up your future, family & career. Join us →

Millionaire Choice Academy

Money Mindset is a 7 day micro masterclass to redefine money and wealth and start your path to financial independence. Learn more →

Real World Writing

MILLION DOLLAR WRITING FOR THE REAL WORLD // Landing page for an online course with copywriting expert & business influencer Shaan Puri


HARDCORE DAILY DISCIPLINE + MORE // Concept: Daily email newsletter + community + online courses + products for motivational influencer Jocko Willink

The Cadre ⚔️

HEROES CREATING HEROES // Email newsletter profiling heroes throughout history + community + influencer online courses + sponsors

Fearvana Challenge

Transform fear into fuel with the Fearvana Epic Fear Challenge. Join now →

"Success is not in having or achieving but in being & becoming."
– Daniel Bennett


Hi, I'm Daniel Bennett – my mission is creating the next greatest generation.

I help human transformation influencers scale their superpowers to teach & transform the next greatest generation.

Why influencers (aka legends)? Because we can only hear it from our own heroes. Trust > believe > act > win.


As a creator, entrepreneur and recovering perfectionist, I've battled fear every day of my life – fear of failure, fear of not being enough, fear of missing my life's purpose – and felt lost. I kept losing that battle until clarity – and almost dying twice – saved my life.

Now I'm helping heroes in training be 1% better than yesterday.

How will I help you?



Read my journal, email me or connect for collabs, projects, consulting or epic adventures.

Be 1% better than yesterday

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